Saturday, May 18, 2013

First Time Momma.

13 Weeks
Hi there!
First I need to tell you that I've been considering a blog for years. Why start now? I've become a momma and I have a little one growing inside of me each day. This experience has changed my life so much that I feel like a whole new person.. a mom. 

I've never had an online journal or a blog so bear with me as I learn all about this. I really only know how to keep typing, posting my photos, and sharing my thoughts, which are my stories.  The stories we each hold onto like a piece of history within us. I am uber-excited to read the other wonderful stories in the blogging world. Anyway, back to being a new mom.

Ok, so you may be wondering why I'm typing about being a mom when my baby hasn't even arrived yet. By the way, this baby's due date is November 11th and we are stoked! I consider this baby 100% baby even if it is only 13 weeks in this photo, but actually 14 weeks this past Monday and soon to be 15 weeks young. What a cutie! Isn't it so sweet to know that the heart is the first organ to be formed? We all start somewhere and beauty takes time to grow. 

My 13 weeks marked my last week in the first trimester. Every momma has a different experience and I'll sum mine up for you. I consider my experience to be more of a blessing then a burden and I love being pregnant! But even more than that, I love being a mom. This little one has been so good to me. Momma is so proud!

Love at first sight. At 9 weeks my hubby and I were able to see our baby for the first time with an ultrasound. My heart skipped a few beats and tears dripped like drops of rain onto my cheeks. This was our beautiful baby. This was real. For the first time in my life, the doctor confirmed that, yes, I am pregnant and I have a beautiful baby making a little home inside of me.
Baby Ismail 9 Weeks
Look at those little arms and legs and look.. a little head and body. Yup it's a baby. It's our baby. In this ultrasound baby Ismail even did a little dance for us when daddy spoke. We will always remember this sweet little dance. I'm excited to find out who it takes more after. Momma or Daddy? We are so in love.

Did I mention that I adore our little family?! The blessing of having a baby is a miracle in itself. We can not thank God enough for giving us our little bundle of joy

We've had a load of people ask us "What do you want more? A boy or a girl?" I want healthy. We have been praying for a beautiful healthy baby. We are blessed to even have one. 

Baby Ismail 12 weeks
Look at our little one grow! Wow, Wow, Wow! Momma is so proud!
I am in awe. 
I love seeing our baby grow. I wish I could see our baby every week, but I'm thankful that I can see our little one at all. To be honest, I am having a blast! It helps that I have not felt terrible during trimester one and I pray comfort and relief for the mommas that do. I didn't know anything about being pregnant when I was pregnant. I'm learning as I grow. 

Speaking of growing, have any of you other mommas out there noticed how expensive maternity clothes are?! Yikes! I'm here to help you.. My husband and I do not have a lot of money which means higher cost.. extra money we do not have. Find a consignment shop that sells maternity clothes. I've found one near me called "Summer Kids". Tops are $5, pants and jeans are $10, and dresses (I love wearing dresses) are about $15. I've been able to buy a little maternity wardrobe with cute and comfortable (yes, comfortable) clothes for $50. This is so much better than wearing your husbands oversized clothes.

Last thought from my preggy brain.. Eating better means feeling better. You may not feel 100%. In fact you most likely won't with a growing belly, clothes that don't fit, cravings, and emotional moments. Here's a little helping hand. Try to eat as healthy as you can. The days that I eat organic or healthy foods are the days that I truly feel my best. The days that I cave in and eat fast or fried food are the days I want to vomit. Yup. 

Well, I feel blogged out and ready for a nap and it's only 11:42 am. Well mommas, you are beautiful.. remember this.